Welcome to Milton Ashby Toys.

I founded Milton Ashby Toys after struggling to find ones that were stylish, beautiful and great quality – ones that I was proud to give as a gift.

There was only one logical choice of material: timber. It’s stylish, strong, safe and unlike mass produced plastic toys, each one is subtly unique. The surface finishes we use are all non-toxic and sourced from suppliers who share our vision. The packaging is also as stylish as the toys themselves.

All of our toys are proudly made in Australia, by us.

Needless to say, all of our toys comply with the relevant Australian Standards for toy safety.

Prior to founding Milton Ashby I was an automotive engineer. With the days being numbered for this profession in Australia and loving working with tangible products, I decided to start my own business making a product I wanted but couldn’t find.

I hope you love and appreciate our toys as much as we take pride in making them.



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